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Face Shields

Face Shields

Face shields are an effective way to help block harmful particles from landing directly on and around your face, and don't restrict your view or breathing. They are a great option when an individual may need protection from something that could potentially spread particles or fluids at a user's face, potentially causing harm or illness if contact is made. In the case of a illness spread prevention, they are easy to disinfect with simply using disinfectant or alcohol. These face shields are also great to mix along with face masks to increase personal protection. They are perfect for healthcare, retail, food service, office and education workers to help prevent the spread of harmful particles when talking face to face with coworkers or customers. 

Keep yourself and those around you safe from potentially harmful particles with a sturdy and clear barrier, that is easy to clean and disinfect, and works well with other devices such as face masks for an even more effective combo.  

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