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Wheel Chocks and Speed Bumps

Wheel Chocks and Speed Bumps



Heavy-Duty Wheel Chock

Curved surface grips the road for s..


Premium Wheel Chock

Weight-saving, wedge-shaped design ..


Standard Wheel Chock

Keeps light trucks and vans in plac..


Wheel Chocks and Speed Bumps

Wheel chocks are a great way to help secure your vehicle from rolling, especially when parked on a steep slope. Even when your vehicle is parked with the parking brake applied, there is still a chance it could become mobile and become a dangerous risk to pedestrians or other expensive property, so these devices are a good way to help prevent such occurrences. These chocks are also known as wheel immobilizers, and are made out of sturdy rubber material, usually reinforced with steel to really help maintain the strength needed to keep a heavy vehicle in place. Also, anyone that works on their cars from beneath must have their car remain completely immobile while they are under, which is where wheel chocks greatly come into play for the person's safety. 

Speed Bumps are an effective way to control traffic speeds, or at least make drivers aware that they should slow down at specific points on the road. These are very useful for high pedestrian trafficked areas, especially where there may be younger individuals, to help make an area safer where high speeds could be dangerous to those around. 

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