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Survival Kits

Survival Kits

Survival Kits and Survival Supplies

How many can confidently say, "I'm fully self-sufficient!"? Not that many. Although being able to support yourself creates an illusion of self-sufficiency, what happens when all grids - sources the average individual takes for granted - are shut off? Rather than become part of the widespread panic, be sufficient anytime and anywhere with one of our survival kits.

Put together with the outdoor enthusiast or motorist in mind, our survival kits cover the basics: food, water, light, and first aid. A disaster may cut off your power and supplies, and rather than live without them until help arrives, be able to keep up your energy and stay hydrated during that time.

Not everyone gets shut inside from a disaster; in fact, many may end up in the wilderness or stranded on the side of the road from a whiteout. Instead of finding yourself unprepared in these instances, equip yourself with one of our auto or wilderness survival kits. With a durable pouch to hold everything, such survival kits cover food, water, first aid, signaling and navigation devices, warmth and shelter, tools, light, and information. For specific instances in the wilderness, you may want your survival kit to be fully waterproof or contained in a bottle.

Convenience is crucial when a natural disaster is predicted to hit. When everyone is instructed to evacuate, take your survival kit before you leave. Packaged in durable bags, buckets, or containers, our survival kits for earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters allow you to grab and go. Instead of finding yourself unprepared, be ready with a survival kit for self sufficiency or quicker evacuation.

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