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Traffic cones

Traffic cones


Traffic cones are an essential element in road safety, guiding traffic and marking hazardous areas in a variety of settings. From the classic traffic cone orange to the more specialized collapsible traffic cones, these cones serve as a universal signal for caution on the roads. With a range of traffic cones sizes and types, they are versatile tools for traffic control, roadwork, and emergency situations.

Traffic Cone Holder

Mounts on vehicles. Features &nbs..


Traffic Delineator

Designed to be seen and to stay put..


4 Piece 28" Collapsible Safety Cone MUTCD Compliant

The 4 Piece Pack n' Pop Collapsi..


5 Piece 28" Collapsible Safety Cone MUTCD Compliant

The 5 Piece Pack N' Pop Collapsi..


Florida DOT Traffic Cone, 36"

Florida DOT Traffic Cone, 36" ..


Traffic Cones: Vital for Safety and Direction on the Roads

One of the most effective tools in alerting drivers of closed roadways as well as diverting traffic is with the use of traffic cones. We offer a various selection of traffic cone options depending on your requirements and needs, such as cone height sizes from 18 to 36 inches, various weights, and the option of having a high visibility reflective strip. Our cones meet MUTCD requirements, and some also meet the additional NCHRP-350 certification. 

Another type of traffic cones we offer are collapsible cones that collapse into their flat base for convenient storage in their case, which are an excellent choice for vehicles that are very tight on space and cannot easily fit standard traffic cones. These collapsible cones also come with rotating safety lights to go on top for additional visibility, especially at night.

We also offer traffic delineators, retractable cone bars, and cone holders to help equip you or your fleet if your needs or requirements are more specialized.

Be ready to safely and effectively direct or redirect traffic for whatever your roadwork or emergency needs are, with the use of our durable and highly visible traffic cones.

The Importance of Traffic Cones

Versatility and Visibility

  • Traffic Cone and Traffic Cones for Sale: These cones are widely available and come in various sizes and styles to suit different needs.
  • Collapsible Traffic Cones and Traffic Cones Collapsible: Ideal for easy storage and quick deployment, these cones are perfect for mobile or temporary use.

Various Types and Sizes

  • Traffic Cones Small to Traffic Cones 36 Inch: The size of the cone is chosen based on the visibility required and the nature of the road or area being marked.
  • Traffic Cones Lowes and Traffic Safety Cones Near Me: Easily accessible at hardware stores and safety equipment suppliers.

Purchasing and Using Traffic Cones

Accessibility and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Traffic Cones on Sale and Traffic Cone for Sale: Often available at discounted prices, making it cost-effective to stock up for businesses or personal use.
  • Traffic Cones Cost and Traffic Cones Prices: The cost varies based on size, material, and quantity, offering options for different budgets.

Convenient Locations and Specialized Cones

  • Auto Traffic Cone: Smaller cones designed for personal or roadside emergency use.
  • Traffic Cones Near Me and Traffic Cone Shop Near Me: Easily found at local safety equipment stores or general hardware stores.
  • Types of Traffic Cones: Ranging from standard road cones to specialized models for specific uses.

Traffic Cones are a ubiquitous and essential tool for managing traffic, ensuring safety in construction zones, and signaling hazards or changes in road patterns. Whether it’s a single auto traffic cone for a roadside emergency or a set of 36-inch traffic cones for roadwork, these cones are fundamental for safety and effective traffic management. With a variety of sizes, types, and easily accessible locations to purchase them, traffic cones are indispensable for anyone responsible for road safety and traffic control.

US Safety Kits: Your Source for Quality Traffic Cones and Road Safety Equipment.

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