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Union Made Car Emergency Kits

Union Made Car Emergency Kits



Union Made Car Emergency Kit in a bag

Our Union made zipper bag featur..


Union Made Deluxe Emergency Kit

Deluxe Union made and approved! ..


Union Made Car Emergency Kits

American made products are regarded as higher quality with no corners cut, and our union made car emergency kits are no exception. The automotive tools and components included in this kit are primarily American and union-made, and consist of jumper cables, signaling and lighting devices, tire inflators, and first aid supplies. These tools are packed in cases or bags, and are great for dealing with common automotive emergencies. 

Purchasing American made kits and supplies is more important now than it was before. Help prepare yourself for the road while also contributing to the local economy by ordering Union-made kits with most if not all American-made parts.  

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