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First Aid Kits

In 1888, the first ever first aid kit was developed but interestingly enough it was manufactured and marketed for railroad workers. While working and laying down track many workers were injured and usually stranded in the middle of nowhere. Railroad work was so dangerous at the time, that surgeons were often onsite just in case they had to spring into action and treat a multitude of injuries. While on a train a railroad surgeon crossed paths with Robert Wood who is one of the founders of what is now known today as Johnson & Johnson. The railroad surgeon told Robert Wood of the situation and he decided to package some of the products that Johnson & Johnson produced. The first ever first aid kit contained sterile gauze, bandages, and dressings for wounds, which are actually some of the products still used today. Unfortunately even today injuries, cuts, scrapes, and burns happen more often than we would all like. It is crucial to carry first aid kits in your homes and vehicles to reduce the seriousness of the injury as well as stopping infection. First aid kits make life easy, they contain all the necessary tools needed to keep you safe in a very compact package making it easy to organize, use, refill, and store. Check out US Safety Kits and our variety of first aid kits as well as many other survival supplies. 

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