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Emergency Food

Emergency Food

Imagine for a moment that your community has been hit by a disaster. Homes and businesses have been destroyed. Residents have been injured, and some have even lost their lives. Power is out to large sections of the community. Stunned by the sudden onslaught, residents are wondering what hit them as they move amongst the debris in disbelief. As emergency services begin to respond, their hands are full in helping with rescuing individuals and clearing debris. While getting food for those affected is on the "to do" list, it is often not the first priority, and it takes time to get resources to the affected areas.

As a result, a feeding-gap of between one and two days can occur where people go without food. Having emergency food on hand during this period will help fill the gap.

The average person has less than a week's worth of food inside their home. Yet, to prepare for a disaster, having at least two weeks of non-perishables is recommended. Instead of trying to gather canned goods at the last minute among other panicked buyers, plan in advance with emergency food.

Available through US Safety Kits, we offer brands like Wise Food and Mountain House that offer freeze-dried and dehydrated entrees and individual items that only need water. In fact, no cooking may be needed. When the power is shut off and you and your family are subsisting on water during a disaster and the aftermath, this emergency food helps keep you fed and healthy.

We offer two types of emergency food supplies through our store: canned and pouch. Both have their advantages. Canned emergency food, such as Mountain House, has a long shelf life and can be kept in your home for years, if not decades. This way, whenever a disaster hits, you will have enough food with little to no preparation beforehand. Pouches, on the other hand, are convenient for serving and do not need to be re-sealed for later use. Wise Foods, in particular, packages its product in pouches stored inside a bucket, which can be grabbed in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Although only water is needed, emergency foods can be prepared in a number of ways. As you can see from our selection, these freeze-dried and dehydrated items come individually or are available as already-prepared meals. After a serving of an item is rehydrated, it can be combined with other servings - such as freeze-dried vegetables with dehydrated pasta and tomato sauce - and cooked together, or the fully re-hydrated pre-packaged meal can be eaten as is, warmed or cold.

Emergency food supplies allow you to subsist on your own until help arrives. As you prepare, order emergency food kits to meet your projected disaster needs. For anticipating future disasters, find emergency food kits large enough to feed an individual for a year.

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