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CPR Mannequins

CPR Mannequins



CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a life-saving skill that can make a significant difference in emergencies. To practice and improve your CPR technique, CPR Mannequins are invaluable tools. In this article, we'll explore the world of CPR Mannequins and their importance in CPR training.

Brayden Static CPR Training Mannequin

Brayden Static CPR MannequinAl..


Brayden LED CPR Mannequin with Blood Flow Circulation (Red Lights)

Brayden LED CPR Mannequin with..


Brayden PRO CPR Mannequin with Lights and Bluetooth Technology

Brayden PRO CPR Mannequin with..


Brayden JR CPR Mannequin Conversion Kit

Brayden JR Conversion KitEasy to co..


Brayden Baby Pediatric Feedback Mannequin

Brayden Baby Pediatric Feedback&nbs..


Brayden PRO Baby Pediatric Feedback Mannequin

Brayden PRO Baby Pediatric Feedback..


Brayden LED CPR Mannequin 4 Pack with Trolley Bag

Brayden LED CPR Mannequin with..


Enhance Your CPR Skills with CPR Mannequins

What Are CPR Mannequins?

CPR Mannequins, also known as CPR training manikins or dummies, are specially designed models used for CPR practice and training. They simulate human anatomy and provide a realistic platform for learners to develop and refine their CPR skills.

Why Are CPR Mannequins Essential for Training?

CPR Mannequins are crucial for several reasons:

  • Realistic Practice: CPR Mannequins mimic the size, weight, and anatomical features of humans, allowing learners to practice CPR techniques as if they were responding to a real-life emergency.
  • Compression Feedback: Many modern CPR Mannequins come equipped with feedback systems that provide information on compression depth, rate, and quality. This immediate feedback helps learners improve their technique.
  • Consistency: Using CPR Mannequins ensures that every learner practices CPR on a standardized model, promoting consistency and accuracy in training.
  • Cost-Effective: CPR Mannequins are a cost-effective way to provide hands-on CPR training without the need for a human volunteer.

Types of CPR Mannequins

CPR Mannequins come in various types to cater to different training needs:

  • Adult CPR Mannequins: These models simulate the anatomy of an adult, making them suitable for training individuals of all ages.
  • Infant CPR Mannequins: Infant CPR Mannequins replicate the size and features of an infant, allowing learners to practice pediatric CPR.
  • Advanced CPR Mannequins: Some CPR Mannequins offer advanced features such as electronic sensors, lights, and data logging capabilities for in-depth performance analysis.
  • Budget-Friendly CPR Mannequins: Basic CPR Mannequins provide essential functionality for those on a budget.

Where to Find CPR Mannequins

If you're interested in purchasing CPR Mannequins for personal or institutional use, you can find them at medical supply stores, online retailers, and CPR training centers. It's essential to choose CPR Mannequins that meet your training requirements and budget.


CPR Mannequins play a vital role in CPR training, offering a safe, realistic, and cost-effective way for learners to acquire and maintain life-saving skills. Whether you're a CPR instructor or an individual looking to enhance your CPR abilities, these mannequins are invaluable tools that can help you make a difference in emergency situations.

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