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Safety Flares

Safety Flares


Safety Flares, including road flares and emergency road flares, are essential safety tools for any driver. They serve as critical signaling devices during roadside emergencies, ensuring visibility and alerting other drivers to potential hazards. From traditional road flares to modern LED safety flares, these devices provide a reliable means of communication in various emergency situations.

20 minute fusee spike type (Case of 72)

20 minute fusee spike type Safety ..


20 minute fusee without spike (Case of 72)

20 minute fusee without spike (Case..


20 minute fusee with wire stand (Case of 72)

20 minute fusee with wire stand S..


30 minute fusee spike type (Case of 36)

30 minute fusee spike type Safety ..


30 minute fusee without spike (Case of 36)

30 minute fusee without spike (Case..


30 minute fusee with wire stand (Case of 36)

30 minute fusee with wire stand (Ca..


LED Flares - Set of 3

Tough plastic construction ..


Safety Flares: A Crucial Tool for Roadside Safety and Alertness

Road safety flares are a common sight when a vehicle is stopped on the road, usually due to an accident, and emergency response or law enforcement are on scene and need to secure it. In addition to their vehicle lights they usually set up road flares to begin alerting and diverting oncoming traffic, as the flares are easy to see in both day and especially night conditions. They don't take up much room so they are easy to store multiples of, which is useful if the emergency or any other type of vehicle needs room for other equipment. They are also moisture resistant which is beneficial if conditions may humid and potentially wet.

Preparing yourself and your vehicle for any situation where you may need to divert traffic, especially if you have a breakdown on a busy roadway, is critical- and road flares are a good tool to help be prepared for such a situation.

We offer a wide selection of road safety flares that include 10, 20, and 30 minute burn times. They also come with the option of just the flares without a stand, with a spike stand, or wire stands.

If it works for the professionals, it can work for you too.

The Importance of Safety Flares

Enhancing Visibility and Safety

  • Road Flares and Road Flares LED: These flares are used to mark the location of a vehicle breakdown or roadside emergency, significantly increasing visibility.
  • Emergency Road Flares and Emergency Flares for Cars: Designed specifically for vehicular use, these flares are an essential part of any emergency kit.

Types and Features of Safety Flares

  • Road Flares for Sale and Buy Road Flares: Available at automotive stores and online, offering easy access for drivers to equip their vehicles.
  • Road Flares Near Me and Road Flares for Sale Near Me: Readily available at nearby stores, ensuring that drivers can easily purchase them.

Using Safety Flares Effectively

Duration and Placement

  • Road Flares 30 Minute and Safety Flares 20 Minute: These flares provide a burn time sufficient for most roadside emergencies.
  • 30 Minute Road Flares Bulk and Emergency Road Flares LED: Bulk options are ideal for fleet vehicles, while LED flares offer a reusable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Roadside Emergency Kits

  • Emergency Flares or Triangles and Road Side Flares: Both flares and warning triangles are useful for creating a safety perimeter around a roadside incident.
  • Emergency Roadside Flares and Road Safety Flares: A must-have in emergency kits, enhancing safety for stranded drivers.

Legal Considerations and Advanced Features

  • Are Road Flares Illegal?: The legality of road flares varies by region; it's important to check local laws regarding their use.
  • Road Flares with Spike: Spiked flares can be secured into the ground for stability and visibility.

Safety Flares are an invaluable part of any driver’s safety equipment. Whether facing a flat tire, mechanical failure, or accident, having emergency flares in your car can make a significant difference in ensuring your safety and that of other road users. From traditional 30-minute road flares to innovative LED safety flares, these tools are essential for communicating danger and maintaining safety on the road.

US Safety Kits: Enhancing Roadside Safety with Dependable Safety Flares.

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