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Fire Safety

In 2019, 1,291,500 fires occurred all over America resulting in over 3,500 deaths and nearly 15 billion dollars worth in damages. A key principle in fire safety is being prepared, as well as developing and practicing a fire escape plan with you and your family. A key component of fire safety is making sure your home is fitted with smoke alarms on every floor that are operational and tested at least once a month. Having fire extinguishers can help you minimize smaller fires but if the fire spreads you have to have a proper plan of action. According to the American Red Cross it is important to know at least two separate ways to escape every room within your home. Practice makes perfect, so it is very important to practice your escape plan at very least twice a year and meet at a designated spot outside and a good distance away from the home. It is also vital to have a first aid kit close by just in case somebody does get injured, cut, or even burned. Lucky for you, the US Safety Kits has you covered with a variety of smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and many more items that will keep you and your family safe.   

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