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First Responder Bags

First Responder Bags


EMS, EMT professionals and first responders need the right equipment to help their ability to save lives. The way the equipment is transported is important, so dedicated gear bags are a must have item. The EMT bags are convenient and organized, usually offered in high visibility colors with many easy-access pockets. This makes them excellent options for quickly finding the necessary items to begin treatment as soon as possible, which can make all of the difference.

G3+ BackUp EMS Backpack

Looking for an EMS trauma backpack ..


Oxygen Bag "D" Cylinder - Padded

This portable oxygen cylinder bag f..


G3+ Perfusion EMS Backpack

The hybrid design of the G3+ Perfus..


Portable Oxygen Cylinder Bag with Padded Head

This features one-half inch of high..


G3+ Tidal Volume EMS Backpack

G3+ Tidal Volume ApplicationsThe G3..


G3+ Breather EMS Backpack

The G3+ Breather EMS airway bag can..


G3+ Medslinger EMS Medic Bag

We built the Medslinger for medics,..


G3+ Quicklook AED EMS Backpack

The G3+ Quicklook AED backpack can ..


G3+ Load And Go EMS Backpack

G3+ Load-N-Go ApplicationsThe G3+ L..


Oxygen Bag "E" Cylinder - Padded

This cylinder bag features one-half..


G3+ Clinician 3 Cell EMS Backpack

The G3+ Clinician EMS jump bag can ..


Oxygen "D" Cylinder Sleeve

This attaches to the rail of a cot ..


G3+ Responder EMS Backpack

The G3+ Responder large EMS bag can..


Oxygen "D" Cylinder Sleeve with Pocket

This attaches to rail of a cot and ..


Trauma Oxygen Bag (T.O. Bag)

This bag is designed to carry your ..


Oxygen Roll Bag "D" Cylinder

This bag is fully padded to carry y..


Oxygen Roll Bag "D" Cylinder with Side Pocket

This bag is fully padded to carry y..


Oxygen Roll Bag "D" Cylinder with Side Pocket - Vinyl

This bag is fully padded to carry y..


First Responder Gear Bag

With the First Responder Gear Bag, ..


G3+ Airway Cell

The Airway Cell is one of four in t..


G3+ Intravenous Cell

The Intravenous Cell is one of four..


G3+ Universal Cell

This universal medic organization c..


G3+ Medicine Cell

The G3+ Medicine Cell is considered..


G3+ First Aid Quickroll Intubation Kit

Lightweight and compact, this emerg..


Large First Responder Bag (Empty)

Ready to fill!Features   ..


Medium First Responder Bag (Empty)

Medium First Responder Bag (Empty) ..


G3+ Circulatory Kit

IV Kit that Keeps IV Therapies Orga..


G3+ Oxygen Module

The Minimalist EMS Oxygen Module to..


G3+ Remedy Kit

The full-length zipper allows you t..


G3+ Narx Kit

G3+ cells and kits are all backward..


First Responder Bags

First responders include medical professionals such as EMTs, and are usually the first and the first form of emergency response for medical emergencies. They are usually called for situations that tend to be more serious and require training to stabilize and treat, until they are able to get their patients to a hospital. These situations may require more specialized gear than what's commonly available in basic first aid kits, in specialized gear bags. 

The Customizable EMT Bag, also referred to as the EMT EMS Trauma Bag, First Responder Bag, or Medical Trauma Bag, is a versatile solution tailored for medical professionals. This comprehensive kit provides quick access to essential supplies for addressing traumatic injuries, such as airway management devices and trauma dressings. Its customizable design ensures that EMTs and first responders can organize the bag according to their specific needs, making it a vital tool in emergency situations.

EMT First Responder Bags are specially designed to hold the essentials necessary for initial treatment and stabilization of patients before transport to a hospital. 

Specialized Bags and Kits for Rapid Deployment

EMS Trauma Bags, EMS Trauma Kits, and EMS Medical Bags

  • EMS Trauma Bags and EMS Trauma Kits are specially designed for handling severe injuries, with supplies like tourniquets, bandages, and splints.
  • EMS Medical Bags are more general-purpose bags containing a wide range of medical supplies for various emergencies.

First Responder Jump Bag and First Responder Trauma Bag

  • The First Responder Jump Bag is a quick-grab bag packed with essential items for immediate response.
  • A First Responder Trauma Bag is focused on trauma care, containing specialized equipment and supplies.

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