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Brayden Manikin Accessories

Brayden Manikin Accessories


Enhance your CPR training with high-quality Brayden manikin accessories from US Safety Kits. Our comprehensive selection includes replacement parts and advanced training tools to keep your Brayden CPR manikins in top condition. Discover the reliability and effectiveness of our accessories today.

Brayden Mannequin Jacket

Brayden Mannequin JacketFor use wit..


Mannequin Mat Bag for Single Manikin

Brayden Mannequin Mat Bag for S..


Trolley Bag for 4 Mannequins

Brayden Trolley Bag for 4 ..


AeroLung Brayden Lung Kit 24 pack

AeroLung Brayden Mannequin ..


CPR Mannequin Face Shields 36 pack

AEROSHIELD CPR Mannequin Face S..


Brayden JR CPR Mannequin Conversion Kit

Brayden JR Conversion KitEasy to co..


Brayden Mannequin Face Skin

Brayden Mannequin Face SkinReplacem..


Brayden Mannequin Body Skin

Brayden Mannequin Body SkinReplacem..


Brayden LED Mannequin Head Unit

Brayden LED Mannequin Head UnitRepl..


Brayden LED Mannequin Chin

Brayden LED Mannequin ChinReplaceme..


Brayden LED Mannequin Body Frame

Brayden LED Mannequin Body Fra..


Brayden LED Mannequin Rib

Brayden LED Mannequin  Ri..


Brayden Mannequin CPR Clicker

Brayden Mannequin CPR ClickerReplac..


Brayden Mannequin Adult Spring

Brayden Mannequin Adult SpringRepla..


Brayden Mannequin CPR Actuator

Brayden Mannequin CPR ActuatorRepla..


Brayden Mannequin Face Connection

Brayden Mannequin Face Connect..


Brayden Mannequin Airway Valve

Brayden Mannequin Airway ValveRepla..


Brayden Mannequin AC Adapter

Brayden Mannequin AC AdapterReplace..


Brayden Manikin Accessories

At US Safety Kits, we offer a wide range of Brayden manikin accessories designed to enhance your CPR training experience. Our selection of high-quality accessories ensures that your Brayden CPR manikins remain fully functional and effective for every training session. From replacement parts to additional training tools, we provide everything you need to keep your training manikins in top condition.

High-Quality CPR Manikin Accessories

Our Brayden manikin accessories are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Whether you need replacement parts or additional features, our accessories are designed to integrate seamlessly with your Brayden CPR manikins. Key accessories include:

  • Replacement lungs and airways
  • Face masks and head assemblies
  • Compression pistons and springs
  • Electronic feedback modules
  • Carry bags and storage solutions

Enhanced Training Tools

Our range of Brayden manikin accessories includes advanced training tools that enhance the learning experience. These tools provide real-time feedback and help trainees refine their CPR techniques. By incorporating these accessories into your training program, you can ensure that your trainees receive the most effective and comprehensive CPR education available.

Affordable and Reliable Accessories

We believe that high-quality training tools should be accessible to everyone. Our Brayden manikin accessories are affordably priced without compromising on quality. We offer reliable and durable accessories that are essential for maintaining and enhancing your CPR manikins, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Professional-Grade Replacement Parts

Maintaining the functionality of your Brayden CPR manikins is crucial for effective training. Our professional-grade replacement parts are designed to keep your manikins operating smoothly and accurately. Whether you need to replace worn-out components or upgrade your manikins with new features, our selection of parts and accessories has you covered.

Why Choose US Safety Kits?

At US Safety Kits, we are dedicated to providing the best training manikin accessories available. Our products are trusted by training centers, healthcare providers, and emergency responders across the US for their reliability and effectiveness. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions that help improve CPR training outcomes. When you choose our Brayden manikin accessories, you can be confident that you are getting the best tools to support your training efforts.

Explore our range of Brayden manikin accessories and discover why US Safety Kits is the preferred choice for CPR training enhancements. Equip yourself with the best accessories to ensure your training programs are effective and impactful.

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