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Protective Barriers and Shields

Protective Barriers and Shields

Equip your office, store, school, or other place of business with protective barriers and shields to help protect yourself and your employees from spreading potential illness. We offer different types of barriers including portable and static desk shields, counter shields and sneeze guards. The desk shields are a great option for office workers that need to enclose their space, while still having full view of everything around them. Our counter barriers are the perfect options for retail stores, as some of them offer an open slot at the bottom for exchanging products or currency while still providing a barrier in between the customer and cashier. Lastly, the sneeze guards offer a full barrier similar to the counter barriers, but without a slot at the bottom for even more protection.  

Help prepare your place of business or education for preventing the spread of germs by implementing barriers to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We offer different types of protective barriers and shields to help you meet your needs to help you safely reopen and operate. 

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