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Flashlights and Lanterns

Flashlights and Lanterns

Flashlights and Lanterns

In the event that power in your home goes out or your car stalls and won't start on a dark stretch of roadway, you will quickly realize how inconvenient or even dangerous having no light source can be. In more extreme emergency disaster situations, how can you signal others to help find you? You can easily solve the above problems by buying emergency lights and keeping them throughout your home, in your vehicles, or even on you as part of your everyday carry as many do.

In an emergency situation, power sources are most likely limited, so it is important that sources of emergency lighting are self-powered. A hand crank is the most common system, as when the crank is wound the batteries inside are charged, and can power the light for a specified amount of time. Such emergency lighting may also be equipped with additional emergency features such an AM/FM radio - another feature crucial in a disaster.

In addition to flashlights, an integral part of any emergency kit are chemical light sticks. While not designed to be long-lasting or reusable, a light stick allows you to see better and be found in an emergency. A typical light stick lasts for 12 hours, although we also offer those that burn for 30 minutes or eight hours.

Never find yourself without a light source during a power outage. To prepare for any degree of disaster, equip yourself with options from our emergency light selection.

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